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Many tech experts around the world thought that iPhones were more about the brand and uxury than its features and specifications and now it has been proved! The favorite amongst the luxury lovers, Apple iPhone 5, which is also the fastest selling smartphone across the globe, is now confirmed to be the slowest one in competition with other top-tier handsets. So suggests a recently conducted Geekbench test done by Which? UK that included Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and other flagship devices. And interestingly, the Apple iPhone 5 actually scored last even below the BlackBerry Z10 ..


Among the 7 devices tested by Which? UK, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was clearly established as the fastest device scoring the double of what iPhone 5 scored. Are these results worth to be trusted? Well one, Apple’s iPhone 5 is the oldest device amongst the 7 devices. Two, the test is only based on the processor and the memory performance and does not include graphical performance which is particularly the specialty and strength of Apple devices particularly the iPhone 5 ..

Below are the Geekbench scores of the seven handset based on processor and memory performance:

– Samsung Galaxy S4 – 3188
– HTC One – 2798
– Sony Xperia Z – 2173
– Google Nexus 4 – 2134
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – 1950
– BlackBerry Z10 – 1698
– Apple iPhone 5 16GB – 1664