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iPhone owners, be jealous: Android users are getting a Vine feature you can’t have.

The Vine app for Android received an update Thursday afternoon that brought it up to date with many new features that were also recently added to the iPhone version of the app.

Those features include a new look for the camera interface that lets users place grid lines; channels that users can categorize their videos into; and the ability to “revine,” where users share others’ videos with their followers — much like a retweet on Twitter.

But perhaps the most interesting new feature for Vine on Android is the addition of a quick-capture widget. That feature lets users place a second icon for Vine that looks like a video camera on the home screen of their devices. When Android users click on that icon, they will instantly go into Vine’s video recording page, rather than the default feed that users see when they open the Vine app normally.

The new quick-capture widget should make it easier for users to record video for Vine of things happening at that moment. But sadly for iPhone users, this is one feature they won’t be able to have.

Unlike Android, Apple doesn’t allow app developers to create widgets that run on its smartphone. The only widgets Apple users do have, such as the ability to quickly tweet or post a Facebook status from the Notification Center, come when Apple works directly with app makers.

For Vine to create something similar to the new quick-capture widget on Android, the Twitter-owned app would have to get creative. Vine could release a second app that opens from the recording screen, or perhaps it could let users set the recording screen as their default page when they launch the Vine app.

Regardless of whatever Vine chooses to do, Android users should feel special:  the quick-capture widget is one feature iPhone users won’t get to try.

Social networking sites Facebook should offer a feature which makes it easier to a couple’s joint content following a break up, researchers say ..

Experts believe this could enable people to deal with the break up more effectively ..

Social networking sites should enable couples who split up to erase the evidence of their relationship more easily, researchers say ..

They suggest automatic software to gather the digital evidence of the relationship following a break-up ..

Dr Corina Sas Lancaster University and Professor Steve Whittaker of the University of California at Santa Cruz interviewed 24 young people about how they handled the evidence of their broken relationship in the on-line world ..

These “digital possessions” include everything texts, emails, music, video, social media and photos whether kept on mobile devices, a laptop or digital picture frame ..

“It’s particularly hard to remove the traces of a past relationship left on social networking systems and it can be painful to revisit this accidentally,” Sas said ..

“The greatest problems involved content on Facebook couples could easily be reminded of their ex unless they deliberately unfriended them. Even then, there could be content about your ex on your friends’ pages which you can’t delete,” Sas said ..

Researchers said it can be very time consuming when digital content is spread across different devices laptops or tablets and this would make the task much simpler ..

It could also enable people to deal with the break up more effectively, they said ..

The research “Design for forgetting; disposing of digital possessions after a breakup” found that people adopted three strategies for dealing with digital content, either deleting or saving everything, or ively deleting after a while ..

“The best approach is not to act on impulse but instead try to wait. Then you can which memories you want to keep and which you are confident you will not regret deleting,” said Sas ..