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Since the report about stored passwords just a URL away on its Chrome web browser, Google has reportedly decided to hide users’ credentials in a bid to increase secure browsing.

The search giant has built Chromium for OS X, which includes an option that requires users to authenticate with their computer’s system password before it will allow access to the list of stored passwords.

According to The Verge, the site earlier allowed access to the passwords by navigating to chrome://Settings/Passwords in the browser and showed up all of the login/password data a user saved on Chrome. The company suggests that users should lock their systems when not using it so as to save it from any vulnerability of being exploited, the report added.

Mozilla will soon be marking a major milestone with Firefox. In a ‘minutes of the meeting’ document surrounding Firefox planning, Mozilla reportedly promised to merge the Metro style interface into its Aurora (pre-beta) channel on 16 September along with a Windows Aurora Firefox build, which is being publicised as the Metro Preview Release ..

The beta version of the release is slated for 28 October followed by the final Metro Firefox release to ship with Firefox 26 on 10 December ..

It, indeed is a long procedure! In March last year, Mozilla had announced that it has started working on the development of a Metro-style version of Firefox. At that time, Windows 8 was still in a preview release and Metro was till that time the official name of the Windows 8 design style ..

18 months ago, Mozilla called it a ‘very large project’ to tame down the expectations. It was also made clear by the Project Manager, Asa Dotzler that the running code was still far away. He wrote, “I do not anticipate that we will get beyond a late stage Beta before the end of 2012.” ..

ZDNET’s Ed Bott reported, “After showing off a Metro style Firefox prototype in April 2012, it was another 10 months before the Metro code made it into the Nightly channel. At the time, I praised the browser’s coders for embracing the Windows 8 interface, complete with app bar and a tabbed browsing interface that are hidden until you reveal them with a swipe motion. That’s in stark contrast to Google, which has added a Windows 8 mode to current versions of Chrome but simply replicated the desktop user interface.” ..

Having already impressed techies with the amazing support touch on their desktop browser, it is time for Mozilla developers to replicate that in the Metro version. Along with the final release, the developers will also be adding a Firefox app bar, which will keep the tab bar open at the top but can move the address field, reload button, bookmark star button and other controls on the bottom ..

This new Firefox will be the last of the three big Windows browsers to support the unique split-personality mode, which is only for browsers. Let’s wait and watch ..!