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Hi Students ..!

This is keenly for you the college students who are struggling with / worrying about downloading from TORRENT in your college network. The Firewall used in most of the colleges is the CYBEROAM which makes blocks downloading your favorite movies or games or software or anything from Torrent.

You can make it possible by the way I mentioned below. Follow these steps as I illustrated and unblock your torrent, speed up your data transfer rate and enjoy downloading.


1. Open the torrent file in your Torrent client software(Say uTorrent).

2. Then Right-Click the file and select Properties

STEP 1 : 2

STEP 1 : 2

3. A window opens up. In the General Tab you may see the list of trackers (It is the Url that begins with UDP / HTTP) in the Trackers Textbox which you can edit as per your wish. Goto the end of the list and paste the Trackers I mentioned below. Make sure that every trackers are separated by a blank line (empty line).

STEP 1 : 3

STEP 1 : 3













STEP 2 : Change Setting
For more Step 2 and Step 3 , please visit ByPass Cyberoam and Unblock Torrent with Open Trackers – Part 2.

Enjoy Torrent download ..

I hosted drupal during learning drupal and now partially completed module is tested on server. The server blocks many permissions which makes some features which works well on localhost fails on server ..

Errors On Changing Picture:

To make the module works well on server I tried changing picture via default method My Accounts > Edit and encountered this.
I noticed file upload error and checked the file system.
Drupal Error  (1)
No database entry is made. No file is uploaded.

Errors On File System:

Drupal Error  (2)

Steps taken:
– ‘files’ directory is given write permission.
– Temporary Directory is changed from (D:/wamp/tmp) local file system to (tmp) on drupal hosted space on my account and given write permission.

Drupal Error  (3)

Now errors on file system is cleared.

Errors On Changing Picture (After Clearing File System Errors):

Drupal Error  (4)

Database entry is perfectly made.
But File is uploaded only to ‘tmp’ Temporary Directory and not to ‘sites/default/files/pictures’.

Errors On Uploading in Module I developed:

Drupal Error  (5)

I understand that server won’t give all permission to all directories and expecially have strictly no access to local directories ..

Student Centred Learning Plugin

The basic idea is that the admin sets up a bank of questions organised into categories. Then the student or user can then choose what questions they want to practice when. This is about student-centred learning. Then we can add more features to that already-working core like overall activity log, graphical comparison, lock, milestones and so on.

Personal Details

Name: Ram Babu S
Personal Website:
Skype ID or GTalk: rambabusaravanan.
IRC nick:
Phone number: +91 7373980373
School Name: P.S.R. Engineering College
Years completed: Have finished 3 years
PHP Experience Level: Intermediate
WordPress Experience Level: current user

Project Description

Describe your idea in detail: The idea is that I have come up with on my own.

In this project the user, say students can choose the categories of their own and practice those set of questions which are set and organised by the admin. This project also includes many features like performance comparison, milestones, activity log and so on.

For this implementation besides the core concept of manipulating the efforts also will be on the user interface / design of the web page. The design is well enhanced that matches the design of CMS software so that it would give smooth appearance in all pages.

Then the performance is calculated both in terms of marks and in percentage. This will recorded for every session and it will be shown in Overall Activity Log for which the milestones are calculated and will be notified. The milestones include scoring above certain percentage and / or answering within certain time. The performance will also be represented graphically but this be done at the end of the project. The project also focuses on comparison of performance with the previous sessions and / or with other users globally.

On the other side this project allows the admin to set up the question bank and to organise them into categories and set lock / conditional access which allows access to attend certain categories that will be based on conditions like completing some other categories or scoring above certain percentage in some categories. As an extension this project also paves way for users to upload questions so that other users can attend those questions.

Finally these integrated modules will be providing excellent usability of WordPress software by users.

What have you done so far with this idea: I have almost gathered the complete information required regarding this project. The design of web pages and the look of user interface are almost decided.

Plugin, theme, or core: The project I will be working on is meant to exist as a plugin.

Anticipated challenges: I identify no challenges or risks that cant be as successful as I hope. I hope my project will be completed successfully as I hope, as I want.

Potential mentors: No preference. As this is my own complete idea I would prefer any mentor for my project and I don’t want to specify. I am expecting a mentor from WordPress suitable for my project.

Schedule of Deliverables

Milestones and deliverables schedule:

May 3-May 26: Familiarize with logical internals of WordPress and it’s necessary building blocks and know more about those specific to this project.

May 27-June 16: Discuss with mentors and come up with best implementations of the features to be implemented and analyse the documentation fully and gets started.

June 17-June 23: Design of webpages like attempt page and so on will be done.

June 24-June 30: Code out the core logics like overall activity log and milestones will be done.

July 1-July 15: Fixing the concept of lock/conditional access, performance comparison within school and with other school so on will be done.

July 16-July 28: Possible extensions like students can upload for other students to practice, graphical representation and all other necessary extension will be added.

July 29-Aug 2: Mid Term Evaluation. Complete Documentation for the features added so far.

Aug 2-Aug 8: Depending on Mid Term Review, Make necessary changes to the timeline.

Aug 9-Aug 15: Include other necessary extensions as suggested and integrate all features.

Aug 16-Aug 31: Build up good UI look and feel on every webpage.

Sept 1-Sept 16: Clean up the code and write complete documentation

Sept 17-Sept 23: Clear out any bugs reported according to the suggestions from other.

Sept 23: WordPress seems to be improved if updated

Other commitments: No more commitments other than working on this project.

Open Source Development Experience

PHP Experience:  I am currently at intermediate level of php programmer with good experience in using jQuery.

WordPress Experience: I am current user of wordpress and a good web developer at wordpress by self-hosting wordpress using xamp.

Work Experience

Work Experience: Undergone two months Internship training in web development at Staard Solutions. During those two months I played a role of co-developer of

With my outstanding performance I have been selected and job is confirmed for the year 2014 i.e., I can join the company after completing my studies.

Academic Experience

Academic Institution: P.S.R. Engineering College, Sevalpatti, Sivakasi, Virudhunagar Dt, India.

Current Program: B.Tech.-Information Technology 3rd year candidate

Anticipated Graduation: 2014.

Academic Performance: I have completed the following courses (subject) Web Technology, Java, Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Software Engineering and other subjects.

  • I work to learn & learn to work
  • I am a good web designer (HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, php, CMS)
  • I am also good at Android Programming that I delivered guest lecture with live demonstration on Android Application Development for my juniors in IT Association
  • I have good coding exposure that I did LIBRARY MGMT in C++ for my college.


Venkatesh Babuji S, Web Developer Staard Solutions

Why WordPress

You’re applying to work with WordPress during GSoC because: an integrated environment is provided to student developers for guidance and evaluation with mentors at WordPress, which is giving a wide opportunity in web designing.

After GSoC, you envision your involvement with WordPress will be: Ongoing.I will continue contributing and supporting WordPress. I am interested in working with the WordPress development community.