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Hi Students ..!

This is keenly for you the college students who are struggling with / worrying about downloading from TORRENT in your college network. The Firewall used in most of the colleges is the CYBEROAM which makes blocks downloading your favorite movies or games or software or anything from Torrent.

You can make it possible by the way I mentioned below. Follow these steps as I illustrated and unblock your torrent, speed up your data transfer rate and enjoy downloading.


1. Open the torrent file in your Torrent client software(Say uTorrent).

2. Then Right-Click the file and select Properties

STEP 1 : 2

STEP 1 : 2

3. A window opens up. In the General Tab you may see the list of trackers (It is the Url that begins with UDP / HTTP) in the Trackers Textbox which you can edit as per your wish. Goto the end of the list and paste the Trackers I mentioned below. Make sure that every trackers are separated by a blank line (empty line).

STEP 1 : 3

STEP 1 : 3













STEP 2 : Change Setting
For more Step 2 and Step 3 , please visit ByPass Cyberoam and Unblock Torrent with Open Trackers – Part 2.

Enjoy Torrent download ..

  1. Abdulmalik says:

    This information was very helpful, thanks alot

  2. kapil says:

    well i dont get very highy speed
    Its really workling..
    Thanx a lot buddy..

  3. martynn says:


  4. Phani says:

    Its working but with a speed of 0.1kb\s

  5. nivedh says:

    how can connect if cyberoam blocked this method?

    • The default trackers may be blocked by cyberoam. But These open trackers may not be blocked by cyberoam ..

      Please ensure which is blocked ..

      If still, then Please check for the TOR Browser whether it connects in Cyberoam network ..?
      If it connects, then I will tell you how to configure your torrent down-loader with amazing unblocked high speed download ..

  6. sandeep says:

    it works but gives very low speed of 0.1 kbps only

  7. Bryan says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this one Rambabusaravanan, it works for me also, the only thing though is the DL speed, is there a way to improve it?

  8. Siddhant says:

    Dint work out at all. Still shows connecting to peers

  9. scar lopez says:

    why is the download speed so slow. it’s just 0.1kb/s

  10. prateek kakkar says:

    no proxy sites, no TOR, no coocoon, no proxifier, no free gate, even vpn’s are not able to connect in my college cyberoam. surf easy works but it does not support bit torrent traffic. help me please

  11. naresh says:

    its working dude ..thanks dude

  12. saurabh says:

    thank u vry much dude…..nw i can again download wid ferocious speed on my wi-fi

  13. kunal says:

    thanx buddy

  14. Ad says:

    It is not working

  15. Sajid Nadaf says:


  16. Mahesh Chirmure says:

    thanks buddy. its working.
    where to get a list of more such open trackers from ?

  17. prakash54035 says:

    Reblogged this on Hack The Pass.

  18. Gautam Dey says:

    It works but it is too damn slow. My namdwidth is above 4 MB/s (i.e. 4*8=32Mb/s) but my download speed is 100KB/s.

  19. maulik rankja says:

    can u tell me y i can’t get speed on torrent i get .0.3kb/s ????

  20. Bangkok Angel says:

    You rock!Thank you mate .\m/

  21. neeraj says:

    its working

  22. zohan says:

    itz working on my college wifi but i want to know that is dere any risk involved in it ???

    • It’s simply an additional pathway for your torrent download. The risk you are asking depends on the torrent file you are downloading ..

      Usually most of the torrent files (softwares) contains virus. If it has, then this pathway will also do the same. If there is no risk already, then here is also none to worry about ..

      • atif gujjar says:

        i have an issue that in my university is free to open but when we start downloading it shows 0kb speed mean downloading is blocked. so is there anyway to get downloading speed ?
        i realy need it urgent

  23. atif gujjar says:

    i have applied your method but still 0 speed

  24. Afgan Fazri says:

    thank’s, thank you so much.. it worked on me 🙂
    if next time i have any problem with torrent, i hope you can save me next time, thanks a lot

  25. nav says:

    still 0 speed.. no progresss.. plzz help man

  26. Lee Costa says:

    thanks bruh.really helpful

  27. Rajesh says:

    can you suggest some procedure to open blocked sites in cyberoam security firewall.

  28. suresh says:

    boss you tube block pannirukanga atha eppadi unblock pannalam

  29. tapishgarg says:

    hey bro its not working plz help me
    my email is

  30. Manoj says:

    really working bro thanks…

  31. walter says:

    It works

  32. ramesh says:

    thanks a lot great work

  33. lol you are a genius! This information was really helpful. Thanks

  34. Pouruspa Anklesaria says:

    not working in my collage

  35. raj sharma says:

    You can also use a app called iFreedom, it gives great speed and also it unblocks everything and bypasses all the filter, even torrent works on it.

  36. raj sharma says:

    You can also use a app called iFreedom, it gives great speed and also it unblocks everything and bypasses all the filter, even torrent works on it.
    here is the link:

  37. bala says:

    my college fortiguard web filter does not work u torrent

  38. JUSTIN JOHNSON says:

    the above mentioned is not working… every ports are closed nothing is in working status
    please help me to download torrents in cyberoam network

  39. James says:

    Thanks man

    It really works 🙂

  40. James says:

    Use Psiphon if you wanted to browse blocked sites.
    Works 100%

  41. DK Das says:

    its so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddd
    it so non-sence tracker

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