A popular trend in CPU cooling over the past few years has been closed loop, liquid cooling. In my personal machine I use a Corsair H80 set to its lowest fan speed, and it’s been a quiet and reliable cooler. To keep the forward march of products moving, Corsair has announced its newest cooler, the H75.

Belonging to the Hydro Series family of products, the H75 is made up of a low profile CPU cooling block that connects to a 120mm, 25mm thick radiator via kink-resistant rubber tubing. Shipping with a pair of SP120L high static pressure fans, the H75 provides users the “streamlined” features of the H60 but with the additional cooling ability of a dual fan design. To quote Xavier Lauwert, Director of Product Marketing at Corsair, “The H75 is a great choice for PC enthusiasts who want the streamlined features of our H60 120mm cooler but desire the additional cooling performance of a dual fan design.” Available in November, the H75 is priced at $84.99 MSRP and ships with a five-year limited warranty.

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