Are you always losing your stuff? You know, your keys, your wallet, your purse, maybe even your phone?

What you need is some kind of wireless transmitter for all those items, one that beeps when you push a button on a master remote.

For a limited time, ShopTronics has the Magnasonic Wireless Key Finder for $24.99 shipped when you apply coupon code key cnet at checkout. It’s normally $29.99 plus shipping. (Is it just me or does “Magnasonic” sound like a made-up company name, like “Panaphonic” or”Sorny”?)

Though kind of on the low-tech side when it comes to wireless (no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi used here), the Wireless Key Finder is kind of ideal for around the house. It comes with four receivers, two intended for keychains, two “thin plates” that can be slipped into a wallet or adhered to the back of, say, a TV remote, a tablet, or, if it’s constantly going missing and you can live with the shame of a wireless tether, your phone.

The four receivers are color-coded, as are the four buttons on the transmitter. Just push one of them and you’ll heard loud beeping from the corresponding receiver, thus enabling you to quickly locate it.

According to the specs, the effective range is about 80 feet, which should cover any reasonably sized house. (If your house is larger than 80 feet from end to end, just get your butler to look for your lost stuff.)

I can’t say I’ve tried these myself, but I do know people who are constantly losing things. (For purposes of my safety, they shall remain nameless.) A gizmo like this might just be the solution. At this price, I’d say it’s worth a try.

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