The fastest of Indian supercomputers is slated to be launched at the end of July 2013 in the data science institute of Bangalore. The Council for Indian Research (CSIR) has operated upon the design to make an entry into the data intensive scientific discovery platform.

The supercomputer will have a 360 tera flops speed and will be the fastest machine in the country when operational. The machine will be housed at CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute also known as CSIR – 4PI. With the machine in place, the Bengaluru-based Center for Mathematical Modelling and Computer simulation (CMMACS) will now be repositioned to deal with intensive data driven scientific discoveries, which is also the fourth paradigm of modern science.

The new institute will be launched by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as invited by CSIR Director General Samir Brahmachari. “While we had the first paradigm of discovery as natural observation (also an empirical reasoning), the second paradigm was based upon formulation of models and developing generalized principles. The third paradigm comprises of discoveries that are made through modeling and the simulation of complex engineering and natural processes. The fourth modern day paradigm is something that unifies experimentation, theories and simulation.” CSIR, according to Brahmachari, has four domain areas, including medical informatics, earth system science, chemical science, physical science and biomedical informatics.

The new supercomputer will be based on the 4PI backbone and will connect CSIR’s Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh, Nagpur, Srinagar and Chennai laboratories.

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