Difficulties Faced on Modifying Drupal Hosted on Server

Posted: June 27, 2013 in My Activities
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I hosted drupal during learning drupal and now partially completed module is tested on server. The server blocks many permissions which makes some features which works well on localhost fails on server ..

Errors On Changing Picture:

To make the module works well on server I tried changing picture via default method My Accounts > Edit and encountered this.
I noticed file upload error and checked the file system.
Drupal Error  (1)
No database entry is made. No file is uploaded.

Errors On File System:

Drupal Error  (2)

Steps taken:
– ‘files’ directory is given write permission.
– Temporary Directory is changed from (D:/wamp/tmp) local file system to (tmp) on drupal hosted space on my account and given write permission.

Drupal Error  (3)

Now errors on file system is cleared.

Errors On Changing Picture (After Clearing File System Errors):

Drupal Error  (4)

Database entry is perfectly made.
But File is uploaded only to ‘tmp’ Temporary Directory and not to ‘sites/default/files/pictures’.

Errors On Uploading in Module I developed:

Drupal Error  (5)

I understand that server won’t give all permission to all directories and expecially have strictly no access to local directories ..

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