Indian govt not aware of methods used by hackers

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Tech Updates

Public authorities in India are vulnerable to cyberattacks as government and corporate leaders in the country are shockingly not even aware of the dangers and sophisticated methods used by hackers, a senior UN official has said ..

“The recent hacking of Council of Indian School Certificate Examination and CBSE websites by a 20 year old student has once again demonstrated the vulnerability of public authorities in India to cyberattacks,” said Babu Lal Jain, senior adviser to the UN Office for Partnerships, said ..

“Though the attack was sans any malicious motive and caused no damage, it was to prove in the words of the perpetrator, how unsecure the sites were on which depended the fate of millions of school-leaving students trying to enter into careers of their choice,” he told PTI in an interview ..

“What to talk of taking counter measures, shockingly a majority of Government and corporate leaders in India are not even aware of the dangers and sophistication of methods employed by the hackers these days.” ..

Not only the state and military secrets coveted by the other state spying agencies as well as economic and commercial intelligence of value to business rivals, the hackers these days have no qualms in selling the information they steal to the highest bidder, including gangs engaged in credit card frauds and other criminal activities, he said ..

Besides the young techies and nerds who indulge in hacking for fun and as a challenge to break into important and tightly secured sites, crime syndicates are on the prowl to steal passwords, account details and personal information to indulge in illegal money transfers, ATM withdrawals and other damaging activities ..

With most of the critical infrastructureelectricity grids, ports, railways, airports, banking and financial services etc dependent on the Internet for efficient working, real time information and communications, the dangers of hackers in league with terrorist groups disrupting essential services and causing large scale economic and social chaos cannot be over emphasised, Jain said ..

After loading a standard anti-virus and firewall software, most of the authorities and corporate entities in India feel that they have secured their systems and network cyber intrusions ..

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