iPhone will have dual OS : Android and iOS

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Tech Updates
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We have already seen dual OS booting devices over the past couple of months, with one of the devices capable of running Android, Ubuntu or Windows 8 but how about an iPhone that runs on both Android as well as iOS ..?

Yes, that’s right US-based mobile software company, True Byod is working on a product called Red Bend Software that will enable Apple iPhone to run on dual modes i.e. Android as well as iOS ..

The company was one of the finalists of the Emerging Technology Award of the CTIA, a Wireless Association. Experts across the globe are waiting for the day when True lives up to its promise and launches the highly exciting dual OS running iPhone ..

According to True, the Red Bend software will offer the perfect balance between personal and work life, which is offered via dual person device that is clearly aimed at making two smartphones in a single hardware ..

The reason behind this magnificent creation is that with this software users might be able to separate their personal life and corporate life. According to the company, one can switch between two operating systems with just a single interchangeable button and viola, you can choose Android or iOS ..

True is already in talks with Korean smartphone giant, Samsung to try out the Red Bend software on its Galaxy S3 smartphone which could be launched by end of this year ..


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