Amazing 3D Smartphone from Amazon

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Tech Updates

For over a years there have been rumours about Amazon’s smartphone. Now finally a report by The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the report is indeed true. As reported by the Journal on Thursday, Amazon is developing a wide-ranging line-up of gadgets which includes two smartphones, out of which will sport a 3D screen ..

The Journal quoted multiple anonymous sources, which said that the 3D-capable smartphone won’t require any special glasses and will let users navigate by their eye gestures, which means that the device will be capable of tracking a user’s retina, and the images will appear as if floating above the screen. Samsung was earlier trying to work on a similar technology but was proven unsuccessful ..

Additionally, Amazon is also rumoured to be working upon a music streaming device and a set-top box ..

As of now, Amazon’s hardware efforts were centered around the Kindle e-readers and tablets to enable reading. However later, CEO Jeff Bezos shared with a reporter that Amazon is planning to expand its hardware range in the coming year. He said that the company is certainly looking for expansion but by next year. He said that Amazon have some more things that they hope people will enjoy ..

What is to be seen is whether Amazon will use its Kindle brand name to sell these devices or will introduce a whole new range ..


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